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Our communities for growth campaign is formed on our belief that education and personal development are key in enabling individuals to achieve fulfilment for themselves, their families and their communities. Research suggests that refugees are more vulnerable to mental health issues than their local community with 57% of females suffering from PTSD and 20% reporting suicidal thoughts. Mental health has been linked heavily to the pre-migration experience but increasingly the impact of isolation from mental health services, separation from families, unemployment and inadequate housing have been highlighted as determining factors too. Research has highlighted that stable settlement and social support in the host country have a positive effect on psychological functioning.

Project A – Arabic Learning and Support Project

Bakhsh Foundation is pleased to announce partnership with Scottish Charity, Wipe The Tears to support a programme that offers personal development, cultural awareness and language classes to children and young people in Paisley and Glasgow.

The loss of vital support networks and lack of mechanisms to aid engagement can leave many refugees feeling isolated, mental health charity Mind explains.  Furthermore, a recent report identified that stable settlement and social support in the host country have a positive effect on psychological functioning amongst refugees. In light of this, we partnered with Wipe the Tears to support a programme that did not isolate refugee children, but instead uses the common ground of Arabic language to introduce these children to Scottish culture and their native counterparts in a welcoming environment.

In a youth group setting, Wipe the Tears welcomes children from all faiths and backgrounds to create an inclusive environment that develops both native and refugee children’s confidence in facing social issues. Using interactive learning and play, Wipe the Tears have created a programme which supports young people in the integration process by introducing Scottish culture in a welcoming manner.

Wipe the Tears Arabic School, with the support of Bakhsh Foundation, are able to provide free tuition for refugees or disadvantaged individuals. Classes for this project are run on a weekly basis from Trident House, Paisley between 9.30am and 12.30pm on a Saturday morning.

To register your interest please contact info@bakhshfoundation.org

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